Our Agenda

The building of The Anthony Hotel breathes history. We continue writing history by organizing lots of events.


02dec7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

03dec7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

04dec7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

05dec7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

06dec7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

09dec7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

10dec7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

11dec7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

12dec7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

13dec7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

15dec5:00 pm11:00 pmAfter work

16dec7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

17dec7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

18dec7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

19dec7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

20dec7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

23dec7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

24dec7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

25dec7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

26dec7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

27dec7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

30dec7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

31dec7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga


01jan7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

02jan7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

03jan7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

06jan7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

07jan7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

08jan7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

09jan7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

10jan7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

13jan7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

14jan7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

15jan7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

15jan5:00 pm11:00 pmAfter work

16jan7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

17jan7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

20jan7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

21jan7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

22jan7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

23jan7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

24jan7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie

27jan7:00 am8:00 amYin Yoga

28jan7:00 am8:00 amPower Yoga

29jan7:00 am8:00 amFlow Yoga

30jan7:00 am8:00 amHatha Yoga

31jan7:00 am8:00 amMeditatie